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Tracy in the News

Take a Step in the Right Direction this Party Season

5 ways to get your feet party-ready!

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How to treat foot problems like cracked skin, blisters and ugly toenails

Neglected your feet all winter and now they’re not fit for sandals? Don’t worry, here's how you can get them looking preened to perfection in no time.

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Featured in the Daily Express: Royal High Heelness

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Published in Mother & Baby Magazine

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Tracy's Three Peak Challenge

Our amazing owner and Podiatrist Tracy is attempting the Three Peaks Challenge in September read her story below

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Tracy's 7 step fit guide

Having your little one’s feet measured regularly is vital to ensure healthy foot development.

When to shop:
• Always in the afternoon, our feet spread and swell during the day, and so the afternoon is the best time of day to go shopping.
• If your child already wears orthotics (prescription insoles) be sure the shoe you purchase can accommodate them.
• Take your time and don’t rush things or shop when your little ones are tired and cranky!

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