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Little Gems Boutique Drop-In Foot Clinic

September 29, 2015 by Tracy

I haved teamed up with Little Gems to host a series of free drop-in clinics at their lovely boutique on 243 Victoria Park Road, E9 7HD.

Children’s feet are often overlooked and taken for granted; however poor foot health and ill-fitting or inappropriate shoes can cause major problems later in life!

This is due to children's feet being wide at the top and made mainly of cartilage during their first few years of life. It is soft and pliable, and therefore vulnerable to the effects of rigid or ill-fitting shoes. With regular check-ups and proper advice on footwear, your children will have better foot health for the rest of their life.

If you have any questions or you would like your child’s feet checked, free of charge, then pop down on the following dates:
October 2nd: 3-5pm
November 6th: 10am-12pm
December 4th: 3-5pm

Little Gems share my passion for children’s feet and have made sure that they stock the most suitable shoe brands that promote healthy feet from a baby’s first shoe right through to secondary school age.


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