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Love East Article: Big News For Little Feet

October 6, 2015 by Tracy

"Regular shoe fitting and podiatry check-ups are essential for healthy children’s feet, says Alex Tham.

Kids’ feet are often taken for granted and that’s especially true with smaller children who are particularly vulnerable to damage caused by shoes that don’t fit properly.

This is because a child’s foot is formed with soft cartilage-like bones which harden over time, gradually fusing together to form fully over the years.

Poor foot health and inappropriate shoes can cause major problems later in life. It is essential to have you children’s shoes fitted, together with regular check-ups and proper advice on feet and footwear while they are young.

At Little G.E.M.S we feel it is important to offer shoes that promote healthy feet from baby’s first shoe, right through to secondary school age when, realistically, style usually wins over performance.

It is this commitment that naturally led us to collaborate with podiatrist Tracy Byrne, who specialises in podo-paediatrics (infant foot care and development) and who also consults for Bobux and Skeanies on shoe design.

Tracy has been instrumental in educating us, and in turn we have taken this knowledge to inform our purchasing for Little G.E.M.S. It is her passion that has inspired us to find the most suitable shoe brands we can find. Her advice is to choose wide, lightweight, flexible shoes that don’t taper at the toes and that are as adjustable as possible.

Tracy’s and our advice is to let your children walk barefoot as often as possible. This will develop the muscles and ligaments in the foot, which increases the strength of the foot’s arch – improving proprioception (awareness the body’s position) and contributing to good posture.

Look after your children’s health with podiatrist-endorsed footwear and regular foot check-ups. We are also offering a free drop-in clinic at Little G.E.M.S with Tracy Byrne on the first Friday of each month as part of our commitment to healthy feet for kids."

Next drop-in clinic in on Friday 6th November, from 10-12pm, Little G.E.M.S, 243 Victoria Park Road, E9 7HD.

See the full article on Page 10 in the October Love East Magazine!


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