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"Meeting Tracy can leave you feeling exhausted and inspired at the same time. Her enthusiasm and attention to detail make you feel that anything is possible and it is these qualities that make her a great mentor, Mother, Podiatrist and business woman."
Tim Hawes, Podiatrist

"Prior to my visit to Tracy Byrne Podiatry I was constantly visiting the chiropractor with pains in my neck and back. I couldn’t walk for ½ a mile without getting a headache, not the lifestyle of a man in his late twenty’s.
Tracy did a gait scan and designed a custom set of orthotics for me. Her knowledge of biomechanics is outstanding and her friendly nature puts you at ease.
Since I visited Tracy I have been pain free for nearly 1 year and can enjoy life to the full thanks to my new orthotics."
Alan, Woodford

"Six years ago this month I underwent major surgery. After the surgery it was temporarily difficult to bend to cut my toe nails so I went to Holistic Health and booked to see Tracy, the Podiatrist. I was initially intending to two or three times until I could do it myself. Six years on I am still a regular with Tracy and would not give up that treat every six weeks or so for anything. Not only is it a real treat to have my feet looked after by Tracy she has helped sort out an ingrown toe nail problem I have had for years. I am deeply impressed to her commitment to patients and the number of times my toe has given me problems between appointments Tracy has fitted me in, at no extra cost to sort out the problem, at times travelling in from the far reaches of Essex on days she would not normally have a clinic. I cannot think of anything that would make me decide to not go to Holistic Health and see Tracy every six weeks, it is a real treat and she has taught me a great deal about foot health. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a good Podiatrist (and a great listener) to book in and see Tracy, you will not regret it for a second. She is also keen for a 'good read recommendation' when she gets the chance to get away for a break. The reception staff are incredibly helpful and friendly and always ring the day before your appointment to make sure you haven't forgotten, essential for someone like me.
I also used an Acupuncturist called Kieran for two years after my surgery. Kieran not only helped me relax after my surgery but was also very supportive, a great guy who again I would highly recommend"
James, Retired senior NHS manager, Hackney

"It’s such a pleasure to be able to put my foot down without pain. It’s the best money I spend every month."
W.M., Walthamstow

"Having had a problem with an ingrown toenail on and off for several years, I was beginning to lose hope. I had been seen by my GP and even had an operation, and several courses of antibiotics, all of which were unsuccessful. …Then I found Tracy. She has successfully treated my toe without any intrusive treatment or need for surgery… I would recommend her to anyone"
Rebecca, London Fields

"Tracy made me feel at ease which was quite important to me as I hadn’t had any foot treatments in 30 years! I would definitely return and have recommended her to others"
Debbie, Colliers Wood

"I used to put up with painful feet, but after treatment it’s like getting my real feet back. It’s more important than a haircut!"
Sally, Walthamstow

"A podiatrist Tracy Byrne has been taking care of mind, body and spirit of east Londoners since taking over Holistic Health in 2008. Tracy is a very talented business person and highly trained first class practitioner in her own field. As a business owner, practitioner and mother of two, she handles multiple tasks staying focused despite the complexity. Tracy is a supportive owner who always has wonderful ideas and capability of paying attention to details. She is definitely the one of 'Superwomen' I know"

"Tracy is an excellent podiatrist who, unlike many in her profession, doesn't try to put everyone with foot problems straight into orthotics! She respects the foot for the work of art that it is, and is a proponent of barefoot walking and running where possible. She is particularly passionate about children's foot health and highlights the importance of kids going barefoot where possible and wearing shoes that don't hinder the development and growth of the feet"
Sam Murphy, Section Editor at Runner's World magazine


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