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"Meeting Tracy can leave you feeling exhausted and inspired at the same time. Her enthusiasm and attention to detail make you feel that anything is possible and it is these qualities that make her a great mentor, Mother, Podiatrist and business woman."
Tim Hawes, Podiatrist

"Tracy is an excellent Podiatrist who, unlike many in her profession, doesn't try to put everyone with foot problems straight into orthotics! She respects the foot for the work of art that it is, and is a proponent of barefoot walking and running where possible. She is particularly passionate about children's foot health and highlights the importance of kids going barefoot where possible and wearing shoes that don't hinder the development and growth of the feet."
Sam, Editor and Columnist

"Tracy and I have worked together since 2002 She is a dedicated, energetic and skilled Podiatrist who successfully combines her profession with owning a busy health clinic, bringing up a young family and a multitude of other commitments. Her verve is impressive."
Andrew, Osteopath

"For years I've had problems with my feet and knees, one visit with Tracy and she's managed to work out what the doctors couldn't! Highly recommend her"
Katie, Mother

"I’ve been gallivanting around the UK on tour and have found myself locked down in Bristol. You’ve been on my mind every venue I visit as I always think to myself, in “Tracy has been a life saver with theses orthotics!”
Well, now I certainly have all the time in the world to say A BIG MASSIVE THANKYOU!!!!
At first, I honestly thought they weren’t going to make the slightest difference to me apart from hurting my bank balance… I couldn’t have been more wrong! Now I’m able to go out for jogs and I’m running further than I have done in 20 years!
You really have changed how much happier I am able to be and I’m glad I finally get to tell you."
Emmanuella, Actor

"Tracy is a forward thinking professional who is highly regarded within our sector, you can rely on Tracy for a complete and honest diagnosis and treatment plan."
Tracy, Podiatrist

"We can’t thank Tracy enough for what she has done for our 11 yr old son. He had chronic pain in both feet and after a thorough examination and scan of his feet, Tracy proposed custom made orthotics and some exercises. Within just a couple of months of wearing the orthotics and doing his exercises, he is completely pain free. We have no hesitation in recommending Tracy."
Elizabeth, Mother


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